Song Catalog

Perry has been writing songs for over 35 years. All of his compositions that have survived the years are listed below. These songs are all available for licensing.

Year Title Album(s) Comments
1972 The Ballad Of Joe And Gloria Unreleased Love story about an ape and a gorilla who find happiness together.
1972 Destiny How The Music Makes You Feel – 1995 (Unreleased) Overcoming obstacles on a metaphorical journey to destiny.
1973 Not Yet Eighteen Unreleased Rebelious teen anthem.
1973 Young Songwriter Unreleased Autobiographical anthem.
1974 Stuck In The Mud Unreleased Ballad about a relationship that is stuck in the mud both
figuratively and literally.
1975 Sweet Liberty Suite Unreleased Rebelious teen anthem.
1975 Solitude Unreleased Melancholy ode to lost love.
1975 Brief Encounter Unreleased Epic ballad of a brief but passionate affair.
1976 Queen of the Ocean, King of the Sky How The Music Makes You Feel – 1995 (Unreleased) A metaphorical story about two lovers on separate journeys.
1977 On The Outside Looking In Unreleased A fantasy about the disorientation and culture shock of Navy boot
1977 Elijah How The Music Makes You Feel – 1995 (Unreleased) A ballad about violence, revenge and redemtion in the old west.
1978 Jamaica, When You Look At Me Unreleased Passionate fantasy about an exotic and enigmatic lover.
1978 Dreamin’ (Wait For Me In Arizona) Unreleased Dreaming about reuniting with a lover that is far away.
1978 Debut Unreleased Opening song for a live performance debut.
1978 One More Song Just Devine – Released 2008 Closing song for a live performance oe recording.
1978 I Wanna Free You From Your Childhood Unreleased Ballad about trying to free a women trapped in her own family.
1979 California, A Place I Want To Be How The Music Makes You Feel – 1995 (Unreleased) Chronical of coming to California on the deck of large Navy
1979 Just Another California Song How The Music Makes You Feel – 1995 (Unreleased) Witty ditty about California.
1979 Back On The Road Again Unreleased Ballad about breaking free from a dead-end relationship.
1980 Run Unreleased Rebilious anthem about lack of freedom and disiplne in the Navy.
1980 Changes Unreleased Soul-searching ballad about breaking free from oppression to
follow my dreams.
1981 Please Don’t Waste Your Life Away Unreleased Anthem of hope for the lost and lonely.
1981 Cosmic Wheel How The Music Makes You Feel – 1995 (Unreleased) Anthem to the power of nature.
1982 Just Like A King Just Devine – Released 2008 Romantic and passionate love song with a great melody.
1983 Fly Just Devine – Released 2008 Anthem celebrating the unbridled optimism of youth.
1983 Home Just Devine – Released 2008 Ballad about returning home after a long time away.
1984 Loving You Makes The World Go Away Just Devine – Released 2008 Old Fashioned Love Song.
1985 Beyond Doomsday Unreleased Fantasy abut the end of the world.
1987 Labor Day Unreleased Workers anthem.
1988 Goin’ To The Hoedown Tonight Unreleased Foot-stomping ode to a jam session.
1989 Perilous Journey Just Devine – Released 2008, All Hands On Deck – Released 2009 Anthem about planetary peril.
1989 Stop The Oilman’s Greed Just Devine – Released 2008 Environmental protest song opposing off-shore oil drilling.
1995 How The Music Makes You Feel Just Devine – Released 2008 Ballad about the joy and healing-power of music.
2000 Just Devine Just Devine – Released 2008 Humrous ballad about surviving adversity.
2003 Up On The Winchuck Unreleased New words for “Under The Boardwalk” celebrating sunny summers on
the river.
2003 What’s Happened To The Time Unreleased Ballad about the passage of time.
2004 The Man That I Call Dad Unreleased Ode to my father.
2005 Peace of Mind Unreleased Anthem about inner peace.
2005 Stronger, Better, Smarter Unreleased Soul-searching introspective ballad.
2006 The Future Man Unreleased A man from the future attempts to warn us to change our ways.
2006 The Perfect Song Just Devine – Released 2008 Quest to honor the perfect love with the perfect song to.
2006 Dear Mom Unreleased A letter to say the goodbyes that were denighed.
2006 A Woman Who Knows What She Wants So Well Unreleased A woman’s quest for freedom and fulfillment.
2006 The Animal Within Just Devine – Released 2008, All Hands On Deck – Released 2009 Heartfelt commentary on the state of the world and the human
2006 Make A Change Just Devine – Released 2008, All Hands On Deck – Released 2009 Anthem calling for change through unity, activism, peace, love and
2007 Breakthrough Just Devine – Released 2008 Anthem about creating breakthroughs in your life.
2007 Music of The Earth Unreleased Ode to the mystery of the muse.
2008 Questions Unreleased Quest for answers to the universal questions.
2008 River Of Life All Hands On Deck – Released 2009 Exploring how we are all connected and dependant on each other.
2009 Let Us Break Bread Together Unreleased Ballad about sharing food and fellowship to build community and promote peace.
2009 All Hands On Deck All Hands On Deck – Released 2009 Metaphorical call to action for everyone to pull together to help solve the many problems that confront the world today.
2009 Only Love Remains Unreleased Commentary on the resiliance of love.
2009 Choose To Walk On The Bright Side Unreleased Optimistic ditty about thinking good thoughts and doing good deeds.