The Year of Good Thoughts and Good Deeds

I hereby declare 2014 to be “The Year of Good Thoughts and Good Deeds” and I would like to invite everyone to join me in making an extra effort to have more good thoughts and do more good deeds in the coming year.

To kick things off, today I am officially releasing the recordings of my songs “Every Thought and Every Deed” and “River of Life” as an MP3 “single”. I recorded these songs way back in 2010, but I never really officially released them out into the world, so I figure that it is high time that I did.

These songs were recorded at Tim Prince’s Ridgetop Sound Studios with the help of Keith Greeninger, Dayan Kai, Jim Norris and Steve Uccello. These guys did an amazing job and took my songs to a whole new level with exquisite performances that I’m sure that everyone will enjoy. Dayan’s soaring clarinet solo on “Every Thought and Every Deed” will surely lift your spirit and blow your winter blues away. Keith and Dayan also each sing a verse of “River of Life”, making it almost like a Keith and Dayan bonus track, if it weren’t for me singing the first verse.

These songs are available for free streaming and paid MP3 download on my ReverbNation page ( as individual tracks and as part of a special MP3 album that contains these two songs along with two bonus tracks that were previously recorded with the same group of amazing musicians.

I have also setup my ReverbNation page to have 50% of all proceeds from all of my songs go to the charity “Water”, which works to bring clean drinking water to every citizen of Planet Earth, so please download one or more songs to help support this worthy cause. ReverbNation currently only allows charity donations for individual MP3 songs that appear on an artist’s main ReverbNation page, but I am also committed to donate 50% of the proceeds from all sales from my Reverb Store, which is where you can find the special MP3 album mentioned above.

These songs celebrate love, joy, gratitude, optimism and our connectedness to each other, so I think that they are particularly appropriate as we look forward to a brand new year as a fresh clean page upon which to write our hopes and dreams for ourselves, our loved ones and the whole human race. So please listen to the songs and let them inspire you to make 2014 “The Year of Good Thoughts and Good Deeds”. Also, please share this link with as many people and in as many places as you can. I really want everyone to enjoy the amazing performances of these phenomenal musicians and hopefully be inspired to spread the joy.

It’s Time For All Hands On Deck!

Now that “All Hands On Deck” has been officially released, I want to get it out into the world as soon as possible. The title song and the entire EP is a call to action for all of us to put aside our differences and come together to help solve the many problems that confront us these days. It’s time for all hands on deck.
Please share this podcast of the title song with as many people as possible.

All Hands On Deck CD Release Party Was Great

The concert and CD Release Party for “All Hands On Deck” on Saturday was a great success. We had a packed house with lots of new faces and everybody had a great time. We raised some money for Stagelights Musical Arts Community and I sold a bunch of CDs. Thanks to everyone who came out.
The concert was great, with Kim Banfield and James Anderson providing backup vocals for most of the first set. The audience was enthusiastic and their energy helped me deliver a great performance. It was one of those gigs that make it all worthwhile!

Playing For Change, Peace Through Music Party

Our fundraiser for the non-profit Stagelights Musical Arts Community was a great success. It was an official Playing For Change, Peace Through Music Party, where we screened the Playing For Change DVD on the big screen at the Redwood Theater. The Stagelights house band, which I am a member of, played before the screening. It was a wonderful evening of fun, music and a very moving documentary. A good time was had by all and we raised a lot of  money for our fledgling community music organization.

All Hands On Deck EP Has Arrived

Exciting news! My new EP, All Hands On Deck, has arrived from DiscMakers. It will be available for purchase online, directly from this website, soon. The official CD release party will be on Jan 30 at 7pm at Centre Stage in Brookings. The title song is a metaphorical call to action for all of us to come together to help solve the many problems that confront us these days. You can listen to it on my MySpace page. Keith Greeninger, Dayan Kai, Jim Norris and Steve Uccello backed me up in the studio and the result is fantastic.

Just Devine is Getting Airplay in Ireland

My most recent ASCAP royality statement includes payments for radio airplay in Ireland for my song Just Devine. How exciting! I guess some Irish Devine’s have adopted it as their family anthem.

Happy New Year!

It’s a brand new year. A blank canvas upon which to bring to life all our dreams and desires. I hereby declare 2010 to be the year of good thoughts and good deeds, so go forth and create your masterpiece.


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